As with all businesses, the COVID is bound to impact the Market Research domain and we expect uncertain but exciting times ahead. Fortunately the more serious players in the game have steadily adopted technology in the critical data collection space. The reliability and confidence vested with face to face interviews is increasingly being met by Computer Aided Personal Telephonic Interviews – CATI and other virtual data collection options such as Video conference calls, etc. Likewise new technology (IT) has helped in the conduct of Focus Group Discussions from homes/offices.

Networked with technology partners, Sapience is post COVID ready for surveys both individual and in Groups. There would be an increasing trend to utilize trusted data bases having panel members across various categories, in place of the face to face selection of respondents.  The IT based back processing of data brings down time of execution as also improving the quality of the analysis.

Hygiene practices for primary surveys been adopted

  • Information to be provided to clients and field survey teams on green zones to red zones on possibility of conducting the field survey
  • Encourage teams to stock up hand sanitizers, masks and soaps
  • Use more isolated transport system than mass transport system
  • Maintaining a considerable distance during field surveys
  • Briefing to the teams on individual basis on video conference
  • Conduct surveys in out of home, more ventilated locations
  • Avoid shaking hands and follow Namaste

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