Why is there a demand for a drastic change in the education system? One of the main purposes of education is to create knowledge of self. Knowledge must lead us to wisdom. But with today’s education it does not happen. This forces us to raise the issue of “the relationship between education and self-knowledge”. The need for a new perspective arises from our awareness of need for linking religion, philosophy and sciences, both natural and social. This could bring about a change in school and college syllabi that has a holistic approach, giving importance to the all-round development of the students. 

Education Research Practice has created a variety of research approaches using traditional quantitative, qualitative and innovative methodologies, specifically to help institutions of higher learning.

Education Research Division of Sapience conducts the following studies:

  • Alumni Satisfaction Survey
  • Evaluation of Academic programs & Courses
  • Faculty/Teachers’ Satisfaction Survey
  • Feasibility of setting up an Educational institution (India/Abroad)
  • Location Profile Studies
  • Market analysis on coaching institutes
  • Students’ Satisfaction Surveys
  • Study on Higher Education Scenario (India)
  • Study on Education & Higher Education Scenario (Overseas)
  • Study on primary/secondary education in India
  • Study on Professional Education in India
  • Study on Ranking of B-Schools/Engineering Colleges/ Institutions
  • Study on Students’ / Parents’ expectations from Academic institutions

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